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Guarantee Estimation is providing skilled and experienced Shop Drawing Services. We provide structural shop drawing services, steel shop drawing services, rebar shop drawing services, and precast shop drawing services. Shop drawings are provided in the form of drawings, diagrams, schedules, and other structural documents to illustrate some portion of the structure work.

At Guarantee Estimation, our main objective is to provide our client with the best services that include our professional shop drawing services. Shop Drawing is a diagram of the design of a structure. Shop drawing plays a necessary part in building construction projects. It is utilized in order to provide critical data about measures and particulars of pre-fabricated segments that are generally handled by architects, builders, contractors, sub-contractors, and real estate developers. Shop Drawing Services

Why invest in shop drawings

The importance of highly-accurate shop designing.

When it comes to construction, it is very important to make sure that everything works. Engineers need to guarantee that whatever they are building, may it be bridges, roads, or buildings, they need to be very accurate with every corner, specification, and measurement. This is why shop drawings exist.

shop drawing services
Need a shop drawings?

Contact us with following details.

  • Architectural Drawings And Itemized Scope Of Work.
  • Project Name.
  • Date The Drawings Are Required Or The Date Of The First Submittal If Done In Phases.
  • Project Specifications, Scope Of Project.
  • Sample Set Of Your Finished Shop Drawings From A Previous Project That We Can Use As A Reference.
  • Hand Drawn Details.
  • Client Feedback To Ensure Drawings Meet The Construction Standards.

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