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Guarantee Estimation is providing construction takeoff services and material takeoff services
to contractors and builders for many years. We provide meticulous, detailed, and precise estimations to our clients. Several contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, architects, and suppliers take advantage of our efficient services.

Our expert estimators use the latest software to prepare accurate and quick estimates for your residential, industrial, or commercial project. So, if you are planning a renovation of your existing building or the construction of any site, contact us for impeccable quantity take off services.

What Makes Us The Best


Guarantee Estimation provided accurate construction material takeoff services. You can find our services very useful in commercial, residential and industrial projects. Our experts make your work easier by reviewing the material quantities, hours required by laborers, and unit rates to finalize a detailed and accurate estimate. Moreover, much of the latest software also helps in generating precise estimates.

material takeoff services

We complete our material takeoff services in three steps:

Analyzing Construction Documents

We start analyzing the drawings, construction document blueprints and other documents outline the project broadly while simultaneously detailing the specifications.

Identifying Materials and Itemize Them

The documents we’ve consulted in the first step will be used to make a thorough list of the items that the project requires. This list should be be extensive and detailed in order to complete an accurate material takeoff.

Measure Material Quantities

Final step is to calculating the quantities using systematic approaches.


1. Total Unit Count

The unit count must be accurate to enable the project to launch. This number functions as an estimate of building costs. Examples include pipe fittings, light fixtures, and other interior items. The gross total is achieved by dividing the total unit count by the unit price.

2. Lengths

The total length measurements of steel, pipes, and lumber must be tallied. These building materials are almost never priced in units, so the length serves as the best method for estimating cost.

3. Surface Area Measurements

The total surface area is another way to produce material cost estimates. Surfaces made of materials like stone and roofing bidding materials cannot be itemized and priced in units.

4. Three-Dimensional Measurements

Materials on a three-dimensional surface can be measured using cubic volume. This applies to earthworks where concrete and insulation materials can be measured in cubic volumes for takeoff.

5. Weight

This method can be used in coordination with other methods. The weight calculation helps with the accounting for steel, backfill, and other materials.

Flooring takeoff

The flooring takeoff estimating is executed by a skilled team of professionals. We quantify concrete floors, LVT, VCT, tiles, carpets, wooden floors, etc.

Walls takeoff

We manage drywall construction quantity takeoff according to the type required by the builder. Furthermore, we also furnish you with several different materials that include metal studs, headers, and sheets.

Lumber takeoff service

We provide lumber takeoff services for wooden work. The wooden works are necessary for joists, headers, trusses, doors, etc.

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